About us

Nom Nom Cooking is a husband and wife team site about anything food. We love to eat and travel, and if we can do both at the same time, we are the happiest we can be.

Our culinary journey started many, many years ago with absolutely no knowledge of cooking. Burnt ramen noodles and frozen pizza were the usual suspects, and making something from scratch, not from a packet or from the freezer, never happened. Thankfully, we have gradually become more and more in love with cooking, not to mention eating, good food. We have probably done every cooking mistake in the book, but at least we have learned from our mistakes, and we like to believe that we have become quite the above-average skilled home cooks.

We mainly focus on making dishes from scratch, so that we know what we eat. Healthy and conscious cooking and eating are important to us, but that doesn’t mean that we too often fall into the comfort food basket. What is life without a greasy, delicious burger or some creamy pasta?

With his site, we hope to be able to share our love for food and cooking with you all.